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Cambridge Computational Biology Institute


Other PhD applications

In addition to our Welcome Trust MGM PhD programme, students can apply directly to supervisors and their host departments for PhD places. We would advise students wishing to undertake a PhD to make direct contact with potential supervisors before making an official application to the University. When contacting potential supervisors, please explain exactly what your interests are, and how they might overlap with those of the supervisor.

University Graduate Admissions website

Note that funding deadlines for UK/EEA applicants are at various dates up to mid-February of the year of entry. Funding deadlines for applicants from the rest of the world vary from September to January. After these deadlines, applicants will need their own competitively-awarded scholarships from outside the University for entry in October.

MPhil leading to PhD

All students on the MPhil in Computational Biology are currently admitted just for the MPhil ("MPhil only") rather than for the MPhil leading to a PhD ("MPhil in the First Instance"). However, our MPhil students have a good track record of securing PhD places during the MPhil course itself.

Studying on the MPhil will give you some time to explore different fields and find out your particular research interests. You may find that you wish to go on to study for a PhD in a different department of the University or in one of the many other institutions in the area, for example, the European Bioinformatics Institute, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, or the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute.