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Wellcome Trust PhD Programme in Mathematical Genomics and Medicine (MGM) - Overview

This programme is no longer recruiting. 

For enquiries:

Programme Director: Professor Richard Durbin (Department of Genetics);

Deputy Directors: Dr Hilary Martin (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute);
Dr Gos Micklem (Department of Genetics; Cambridge Systems Biology Centre; Cambridge Computational Biology Institute);
Dr Marc Tischkowitz (Department of Medical Genetics);
Dr Chris Wallace (Department of Medicine & MRC Biostatistics Unit).

Modern genomics promises not only to help uncover the molecular basis of disease, but also to have a major impact on health care through translation of advances in techniques, computation and knowledge into clinical trials and clinical practice. Quantitative analysis is at the heart of this goal, and there is a pressing requirement for researchers with thorough mathematical and statistical expertise, in addition to training in medical genetics and informatics.

This PhD programme has been established as a collaboration between the University and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. The programme will provide the opportunity to work at the interface between the mathematical and computational sciences, and genome-scale and translational medical research. We expect that successful applicants will have strong mathematical, statistical and computational skills, and may include exceptional biologists. They will develop quantitative techniques and theoretical approaches and apply them to practical problems in both translational and basic biomedical research. The programme follows a "1 + 3" model, comprising a tailored first year of taught modules and research rotations, followed by a three-year research project. All students will have two supervisors, one from a mathematics, engineering or other quantitative science background, and the second from a genetics or genomics/biomedical background.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to undertake research that draws on the unique strengths of the Cambridge region: the successful synergies of NHS and University in translational medical research; genetics, computational and genomics research at the University and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute; and the University’s outstanding research and training base in the mathematical sciences.

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Fees and Funding

The Wellcome Trust provides full financial support, including tuition fees up to home/EU rates, consumables and a training and travel budget. For those students applying who are resident outside of the EU, the remaining fees should be found through other funding schemes.

Further information on student funding by the Wellcome Trust can be found here.